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Run Brutis


AUGUST 24, 2022

run brutis

Neo-spiritual | acapella

this song is a tribute to my upbringing and those before me. Neo-spirituals is a mixture of the black classical, negro spirituals with a modern soulful update speaking on life experiences from my perspective.

A Rehd Projects production 


run brutis - Rehd



Rehd Songwriter - Romeiro Davis

Vocals - Rehd

Recording/ mIXING Engineer - Adam Cuadras 

Music Producer - romeiro davis (rehd)


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Published by Rehd Publishing Copyright 2021

thank you:  adam cuadras - its a trip how we met, but absolutely glad we did. you are def my west coast pick of a lifetime;  grandma audrey - a key to my sanity is from acknowledging my ancestry. I love you grams!; Mc fam - you picked me up when I was down and leaved me be to grow; Every influential black female(s) figure and male figure(s) in my life - thank you!; Queen city family - without you there would be no me. i will always have deep love for my southern ways and passion i learned from growing up in charlotte, north Carolina with all of my loving family and friends; Los Angeles family - la has been able to provide me with a family away from my hometown from csula buds to fellow artists. i love you all!; mr. keith hill - he was my elementary school music teacher. it was so great to see a well educated black man like him. it was even better that he was my music teacher. hope to see you once again in life. Thank you to my true music followers who keep me lifted and the message in my work alive! Thank you!

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