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Music has been a somewhat hidden passion for REhD since childhood. Brought up singing in a choir of a North Carolinian Baptist church like his father, Anthony Hamilton, Romeiro occasionally would step up to grab the mic and lead. Towards his junior high school years, the songs slowly were dampened as a Dark Age began. Already an introvert, leaving junior high to high school, things were rough. Having his conscious eating at himself to find a comfortable place in life had taken a toll. Going to high school, he knew he had to get back his inner song. 

Along his 4 years in high school, the layers slowly began to shed. He edged his way back to the arts through theatre and musicals. Happiness poured on his face when he would onstage. While in high school, he took part in various activities to help him continue to break his shell from local governmental internships in planning & finance to joining a wrestling team weighing 87 lbs soaking wet. Nothing brought him joy like the arts did though.

Continuing to follow his craft, REHD ended up in Los Angeles to receive his degree in theatre and dance. Shortly after graduating in 2013, he went on to co-found and run an LA based theatre company (Circle Squared Collective) while simultaneously being a member of a modern/post-modern dance company. In 2015, REHD joined a second dance company  until he decided to leave all 3 companies to begin his very own, Black Excellence LLC.

Establishing Black Excellence, on his part, was a way to reconnect with self from the inside out in which somehow directed him back to love for music. A Renaissance man, REHD aims to express himself in many forms through music and look forward to sharing.


"Finally returning to my true passion."



Goodie Rap is new wave of hip hop rehd is bringing to the table. influenced by old school hip hop and house music this is the perfect dance music to get you moving! he coined the name after his first single, quiznii. it derives from the saying “Oldie but goodie”, but this new genre is fresh with old school zest; A combination of past and future; timeless; priceless.

Goodie Rap

Hip Hop | Old-School Hip Hop | Conscious Hip Hop |  House | Dance Music | Poetry


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