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chill out


Goodie Rap | hip hop funk | edm | alternative hip hop

chill out is a goodie rap banger infused with by odii-8ight, hip hop,& funk. the track was gifted to his brother rehd. the music artist then added his lyrical flare. the song was written to tell himself to simply chill out. learning to maturate into his next stage in manhood by acknowledging the importance in emotional health. "sometimes, i have to just scream at myself to chill out when my emotions get out of hand."

A Rehd Projects production 


chill out - rehd



Songwriter - Romeiro Davis

Vocals - Rehd

Recording/ mIXING Engineer - Adam Cuadras 

Mastering Engineer -

Music Producer - odii-8ight



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Published by Rehd Publishing Copyright 2021

thank you: odii -8ight - brother, you def know my sound. its a pleasure to be able to make this with you. i look forward to more!; adam "ac" cuadras - thank you for sticking by me during the artistic journey. it's been an uber rider i won't forget; john portis - thank you for rocking with me. always down to join me in bringing visuals to life. great photographic eye!; joe strange - you walked up randomly one day while I was shooting my first dance video in dtla and you've been god sent since. carolina fam - always a charlottean. Shou out to my myerspark park Hs, sedgefield ms, dilworth ele fam; los angeles fam - thank you to everyone who had a hand in the production of the chill out music video. I appreciate and love you all deeply for being there to bring it to past. Thank you so all my loyal fans! you all really give my lyfe! Thank you!


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