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Goodie rap | hip-hop soul | alternative Hip-hop

"Passion is my emotion I’ve locked away for decades with depression. This EP represents Rehd at my core. It marks the end to depressive decades of not accepting myself. I wrote these songs to myself in celebration of all who I am, past and present. Born and raised in the church of Charlotte, NC, this collection of dash of southern comfort like my father, R&B singer, Anthony Hamilton with Hip Hop as another main ingredient. Passion is an EP for a bop for these modern historic times. Passion is my love. And I want to share my love with you!"


A Rehd Projects production 


passion ep


runnin ' for my life


young brotha


Songwriter - Romeiro Davis

Vocals - Rehd

Recording/ mIXING Engineer - Adam Cuadras 

Mastering Engineer -  Adam macias

Music Producer -  anthony hamilton jr. (odii-8ight)




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Published by Rehd Publishing Copyright 2020

thank you: Odii-8ight; terri robinson; winstead jones; adam macias; nc family; la family; fans

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