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June 14th, 2021

Hopeless romantic

pop | edm | hip-hop | goodie rap | shoo-bop

Hopeless Romantic is a Spring to Summer song to wrm the hears of those who need to move on from previous/ current relationship(s). This is in order to accept true love in themself and then others one day. This "Shoo-bop" tune is Rehd's first debut Pop single feature LA artist, Thecount. This is a wave of "Goodie Rap" were Pop, EDM, Hip Hop, Alternative R&B and Doo Wop meet. Romance is alive if you know who to really share it with. Until then, its best to take a hint, unplug, reconnect and romance thy self.

A Rehd Projects production 


Hopeless Romantic - Rehd feat. Thecount



Rehd Songwriter - Romeiro Davis, Julian C. Ortega

Vocals - Rehd, Thecount 

Recording/ mIXING Engineer - Adam Cuadras 

Mastering Engineer - Joshua C. Turner

Music Producer - Antonio M. Pinkney (Tony Pink)




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Published by Rehd Publishing Copyright 2021

thank you: tony pink - this amazing track! as soon as you sent it my way, i knew we struck rhodium! cheers to a jammin' song and more to come!; adam cuadras - we been rocking with each other musically for 3 years now. the universe has blessed me to run into you, initially as you uber driver; odii-8ight - my dear eldest brother and foundation to my artistic expressions. i am my brother's keeper; Bryan ramirez-corona - thank you for all of your support; victor briseno - thank you for listening to my words and showing me a real person of truth. you have inspired me; grandma audrey - a key to my sanity is from acknowledging my ancestry. I love you grams!; Mc fam - you picked me up when I was down and leaved me be to grow; Every influencial blacke female(s) figure and male figure(s) in my life - thank you!; Queen city family - without you there would be no me. i will always have deep love for my southern ways and passion i learned from growing up in charlotte, north Carolina with all of my loving family and friends; Los Angeles family - la has been able to provide me with a family away from my hometown from csula buds to fellow artists. i love you all!; joshua turner - had to give a special thanks to my bud josh. an old friend from mphs clicks apapella in 2009. a man with an ear for sound from god; ms. palmieri - my first choir instructor in high school. Thank you to my true music followers who keep me lifted and the message in my work alive! Thank you!

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